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SpellBoard for iPad made a difference

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January 28, 2011
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SpellBoard 1.2


Both of my sons have spelling test every week.  "Spelling Test" was once a bad word in our household.  We all dreaded sitting down and reviewing the weekly spelling words on a daily basis.  One spelling test was held at the beginning of the week and the other at the end. Writing and learning new spelling words for 6 and 7 year old boys (at least ours) was almost like pulling teeth. Maybe it’s just my kids but words like paleontologist, wonderful, beautiful were common occurrences.
During our research for an app to create spelling tests we came across SpellBoard for iPad.  I cannot say enough good things about Sp

ellBoard. The software team at PalaSoftware did a phenomenal job with this application.  The software is easy to use and simple to implement for a single or multiple iPad users.

First you create students. Having separate students makes it easy for multiple children to study and take quizzes in a calm stress free environment.  Once your student or students are created you next create a Quiz by first typing in the correct spelling then adding a recording of the word.  The Quizzes allow for a verbal word as wells as an additional verbal phrase.  The words are played via the iPads internal speakers for the student.  If they need extra help they can listen to a recorded phrase (i.e. using the word in a sentence).  The student is allowed to write on the writing surface on the application then type in the final answer using the keyboard.  You

should ensure the student is in a quiet place to hear the words and ensure you have enough room on your iPad to record your quizzes. The software will remind you that you need space for your recordings.  You can also change the settings of the recoding quality.  Of course the higher the recording quality the more space is required for the test.
One of the coolest features is the ability to share quizzes with multiple devices via Bluetooth transfer. Typically I will create quizzes on my iPad.  When the boys are ready I connect via Bluetooth and upload a test to their individual iPad.
Our children love the software and I have noticed a significant improvement on their spelling test.  Having the spelling test on their iPad allows our boys to practice and take their weekly spelling test daily.  The quiz requires that the student type in their answer to verify the response.  The student is not required to write the answer however, I require them to write the answer first since ultimately their test will be written.

The test is graded and the results are displayed after all words have been complete.  I make it a habit to require they score at least an 80% or better before they are allowed to move on.  I have noticed that it requires one practice and one test before they can score 80% or better.  If you want to see your child happy, watch their reaction when they "ace” a spelling test at school or home.  Talk about a self esteem builder.
Well done application and well worth the $4.99.  This is a must have app for parents of school age children.  I could see this app having a practical use in the classroom environment. SpellBoard for iPad is a great application and an Essential iPad app for Kids.

Version: 1.2

Price when Reviewed: $4.99 (a bargain)


SpellBoard 1.2

Video - How To Create A SpellBoard Quiz Easy
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