iPadTipsnTools.com is the brainchild of Kevin JONES founder and creator of KeynotePlus.com a website dedicated to providing professional iPad templates for iOS and portable devices.  iPadTipsnTools.com in an online community for iPad enthusiasts who wish to learn more about their iPads.  We specialize in developing content and training resources for iPads. 

iPadTipsnTools.com: The Short Version

Technology – iPad (1 & 2)
Primary Focus – Newbies and beginner iPad users
Primary audience – Average people who want to learn more about and master their iPad
Why Visit? – to learn more about the using the iPad and to help others do the same

iPadTipsnTools.com: The Longer Version

The launch of the iPad was a well publicized event and many in the technology world could not wait to take shots at Apples new revolutionary multi-function device.  Selling millions of iPads in the first month was surely more than just great marketing and cool commercials?  We will explore why so many people love the iPad and how they use it.  The iPad has astounded many with its usefulness, functionality and design. 

Many of us hoped the
iPad would change our lives, help us sleep better, be more productive, predict our future, babysit our kids and change the oil in our cars... I hope you don't believe all of that but we at least we all hoped it would make our lives easier and more productive.  iPadTipsnTools.com will share some of the tools to make using your iPad easier, faster and also give you some ideas of how to use your iPad in ways you never thought.

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