Customizing your iPad

 Customizing you iPad

You've mastered the standard applications so now what?  Maybe you would like to tweek your iPad by adding a cool wallpaper background or create custom folders?  Our "Customizing your iPad" section we cover tweeks and modifications and much much more.  Customizing, organizing and making your iPad uniquely yours is in part what makes the iPad such a cool mobile tablet device.

How do I stop my screen from rotating!

How  do I stop my screen from rotating! (iOS 4.2)

One of the cool features of iPad is the ability to view your screen and content in landscape or horizontal mode.  Another cool feature is to lock the orientation in either landscape or horizontal view. We all love our iPhones and iPads however, the helpful screen rotation is not always helpful. If you braved the long lines or purchased the first version of the iPad you may have grown accustomed to locking your screen with the flip of a switch. With the new iOS 4.2 operating system Apple decided to change the rotation lock to a mute button. Thanks I did not know I needed that...
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How to take a picture using your iPad

Hey wait a minute that's not possible... Actually, you can take a picture using your iPad however, you can only take a picture of what is visible on your screen. This is one of those really cool features that allows you to email a picture to someone of what you are viewing on your iPad (i.e. a web page, magazine article, news story, Victorias Secret model, Chrisitan Laboutin shoes, etc...).

On any page or program on your iPad click the home button and the power button at the same time. You will hear the sound of a camera lens taking a picture. Now you might be saying to yourself "cool, now where is my picture?" your photo has been added to your "saved photos" album in your Photos application.

Using your iPad as a remote control for FREE!

If you are an Apple fan and happen to own an Apple TV you can download Apples FREE Remote Application from the App Store. A couple caveats; your Apple TV and iPad must be on the same Wi-Fi network. Needless to say, your Apple TV also must be connected to a wired or wireless network. You will find the Remote Application very useful and functional. Most of all it's FREE and a keeper app. Apple TV not included...
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Creating folders on your iPad

Creating folders on your iPad (in 3 easy steps)

If you are familiar with any Windows or Mac PC environment you will understand the need to create folders to store like or similar items, sort of cleaning up your iPad and maximizing your screen real estate.

Creating folders on your iPad

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Rearranging icon/application(s) on your iPad

What if you just want to move an icon from the top to the bottom of the screen or vice versa? Simply press+hold the icon the drag it to the desired location. You are not limited to the screen you happen to be viewing and are allowed to drag the icons across multiple screens.

Deleting icons from your iPad

Now that you have downloaded 100 free apps from the Apple Store what do you do with the ones you don't like? You can either pretend they don't exist or remove them never to be seen again.

To delete an application from your iPad simply press and hold the icon until a small circle with an X appears in the left corner of the icon. You will also notice that all of the icons will start a synchronized "funky chicken" dance and shake uncontrollably. If this is your first time seeing this you could be in panic mode thinking you did something wrong. Simply tap the X with your finger then select Yes to remove the icon.


How to change your iPad wallpaper/background quick

The standard iPad backgrounds are cool enough however; how would you like to take it to another level in customization of your iPad?  In this tutorial we will walk you through downloading and or just changing your iPad wallpaper or background. has FREE backgrounds available on the FREEBIE page of the website. (click more link for detailed instructions)