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Enable camera from the lock screen

One of the coolest and most used functions on the iPad2 and most iPhones is theTake a pictue from the lock screen on the Apple iPad and iPhone with the new IOS5 update ability to take photos. The camera and images captured in optimal conditions is actually quite impressive.  The iPad2 and iPhone cameras are not the same quality as an expensive digital SLR however, I have come to realize that the best camera is the one you always have available. I typically only bring my HUGE Digital SLR when I know we are taking a trip and the opportunity for family photos is possible.  My large bulky digital SLR takes great images but it's like lugging a boat anchor around (compared to an iPhone) and I don't like looking like a tourist all the time.

Using my iPad and iPhone to take pictures is a great alternative to my SLR however, I have found that I loose the moment due to the three steps before I even see the camera shutter appear.

Step 1.  Enter your pass code into your Lock Screen.
Step 2.  Find the camera icon.
Step 3.  Find the camera button, find your subject and push the photo button.

With two small boys and being relegated as the the family Sherpa (extra water, snacks, cookies, napkins and a partridge in a pear tree) I am not always afforded the 2 minutes needed for the previous routine.  You could try disabling your lock screen pass code when traveling (not smart and very dangerous) however, you leave your data vulnerable to would-be thieves if your phone is ever lost or stolen. You could also increase or turn off your lock screen and just leave your phone always at the ready but only if you have unlimited battery life (NOT!).

The recent IOS5 update has just made taking pictures easier and faster thanks to a simple enhancementApple has come to the rescue by enabling the camera from the lock screen.  To take advantage of this valuable feature simply double click on the home button (when your device is off) the press the (new) camera icon that is displayed next to the lock slide (as shown to the right). Voila that's it and just that simple. To top it off you can also use the volume up button to take the photo.  No more trying to maneuver your index finger around your thumb and over your third finger to press the camera icon to take the shot.

Thanks Apple the new "camera feature from the Lock Screen" is a welcomed enhancement.

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