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The iPad can be a valuable tool and assist in your child's education in remarkable ways.  Nothing substitutes the interaction between parent and child however; we are not always good at making learning fun and interactive.  Now we have a new helper in accomplish this valuable part of the education process.  I speak from experience when I say "the iPad has been useful in enriching and promoting learning for my young boys."
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Apples appears to be winning the mobile device competition with it's robust and feature rich iOS operating system.  iOS is the foundation of iPad.  Checkout the latest upgrades and enhancements from a users perspective.  Real world useability and access to new and existing features of Apples iOS.  Why would you want to update your iPad iOS software is everything is working just the way you like it?  In this section we attempt to answer questions and help you figure out if the iOS upgrade is right for you.
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Check out these videos created by Apple & others that give you an overview of some of the standard applications and also some cool ways to use your iPad.  Let us know what you think about the videos we post.
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You are now the owner of a shiny new iPad. What a wonderful feeling.  It was just like yesterday when I picked up my new iPad.  I was so excited I could barely contain myself.  I opened the packaged then said "what next?"  In the "Getting Started" section we will cover activities and settings before and after your first use.
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You've mastered the standard applications so now what?  Maybe you would like to tweek your iPad by adding a cool wallpaper background or create some custom folders?  In "Customizing your iPad" section we will cover custom tweeks and modifications and much much more.  Customizing, organizing and making your iPad uniquely yours is in part what makes the iPad such a cool mobile tablet device.
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Multitasking Gestures are time saving shortcuts when operating your iPad.  Multitasking gestures allow users to simply swipe with four or five fingers to access the multitasking menu, swipe left or right to reveal open applications and pinch to return to the home menu. This may sound a little complicated however; it really is easy to do and a considerable time saver once you learn how to activate, operate and master the multitasking gestures.
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Welcome to iPad shortcuts.  In this section we will explore the easy way to accomplish repetitive tasks on your iPad.  Shortcuts are the secrets of techies and now they are available to you.
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Check out this tutorial on Apple's iBooks app iBooks version 1.2. This video was brought to you by The Portable Prof™ from iPad Academy and he shows you how to organize your books and PDFs into collections, use the hidden search feature to find titles, and comments on new book content being added as a result of Apple's upgrade.
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Probably one the the first things you will want to do after surfing the web on your iPad is to check email.  The iPad brings email to life like no other mobile device can.  The iPad allows you to synch mail from all major email providers including Microsoft, Hotmail, Yahoo and Google email.  Lets explore some options for maximizing you experience with iPad email.
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The iPad is a cool entertainment device however; what do you do to get your personal video loaded on your device? The real question is how to convert and import the video. The iPad plays a host of video types (supported iPad video formats) so you are not limited to videos from iTunes and YouTube. In this section we have tutorials and videos on how-to get those special videos onto your iPad. (coming soon)

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