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Top 10 ground rules for child iPad usage:

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January, 25, 2011
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1. Work before play is the Golden Rule for iPad use. Our sons are required to complete at least 50 math problems before they Ground rules for kids and iPads. Work before play, no running with the iPad, put the iPad in a safe place are just some of the ground rules for using an iPad.can play games on their iPads. Initially they complained and were reluctant. Since, we have been consistent with our rules it is now second nature. They have learned to take a screen shot of the results to prove their work.

2. Do not leave your iPad in an unsafe place. Create a designated place for your child's iPad. A safe place is critical in preventing your $499 plus investment from becoming broken mound of glass or worse even being lost. This might also teach your child to put their "stuff" in the same place. (I personally am not a fan of the daily scavenger hunt for kid "stuff").

3. Do not plug in your iPad power cord (either end) with out supervision. The power connector is a couple 1/8 thick slices of metal with delicate prongs. I have two boys who are capable of making the square peg fit into the round hole. (the older they get the more laxed we become with this rule)

4. Mandatory iPad break every couple hours. If you allow them they will play the iPad until the battery is completely drained. With so many cool games and things to do that your child’s iPad can consume them for hours. You need to take a break and smell the roses in addition to playing and learning on the iPad.

5. The App Store is off limits. No access nor pass code. If you thought your iTunes bill was high with your purchases, try to satisfy the insatiable appetite of a child. To your child the App is virtual/play money. When you receive your iTunes bill you will learn pretty quickly that real money is being spent.

6. Always reboot after you purchase an App for your child. The App Store (on occasion) saves your password for a certain period of time. If you attempt to purchase an App immediately after a previous purchase the system may or may not ask you for the pass code. This is also the case for App updates. Just to be safe reboot the iPad to keep yourself and child out of trouble.

7. Purchase only age appropriate games for your child! I listened to the monologue of a relatively harmless racing game and I could not believe my ears. After hearing the adult commentary I asked the boys to delete the game immediately.

8. One person at a time. Many parents purchase one iPad for their entire family. Think about it, how easy it is for you to share your iPad? The easiest way to start a squabble is to allow the children to determine how the iPad sharing should work. Set time limits and ensure the rules are followed.

9. Clean hands only. Since the iPad is not a serving dish a child must wash his or her hands before iPad use (this is good hygiene anyway). Peanut Butter and Jelly do not go well with an iPad touch interface.

10. No running with the iPad. No running with scissors and no running with iPads. The iPad is slim and light and can be carried around by most children. I require that my children are sitting and stationary with their iPad. No bouncing around and cheering like a Wii tournament. It's harder for the iPad to slip out of a child’s hands when they are stationary and sitting. Purchasing a durable drop resistant case for the iPad is a must have for everyone!

Let us know if you have other rules that we could share with parents of Kid iPad owners/users ( or us our online form)

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