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After watching the initial presentation by Steve Jobs on the Apple iPad we all said to ourselves "Wow that was really cool and look how the screen rotates and on and on…” Deep down inside we Apple Digital AV Adapter connected to an iPadreally just wanted to be able to do a presentation like Steve Jobs and show off our cool new device. The thought of watching our audiences reactions as they watched in utter amazement of THE AMAZING IPAD. Unfortunately, we soon found that mirroring our screen was missing from our iPad and no cable could emulate Job’s wow presentation. Apple has recently released the Apple Digital AV Adapter that allows you to mirror everything on your iPad to your large screen monitor or television. The adapter is very reasonably priced at a mere $39 USD. Yes, I know another gadget to purchase for your iPad 1 or 2 however this is worth every cent. The adapter does not just allow your large screen television to mirror your iPad, it turns your large screen television into an iPad.

If you chose not to purchase an Apple TV 2 just for the sake of streaming video and audio to your television wirelessly then the Apple Digital AV Adapter sure accomplishes the most important part which is the ability to broadcast your HD content, movies and anything that shows on the iPad screen to your large format display via HDMI. Even when you rotate your iPad it rotates on the screen also.

Not just for the iPad, the short dongle works on the iPhone 4, iPod touch and both iPad versions. Imagine seeing everything on the big screen that is on your iPad without jailbreaking your precious device. The dongle has an HDMI connector and a standard 30 pin connector for syncing and charging your iPad while you share your screen. Share applications, Apple Digital AV Adapter portspresentations, websites, games, photo slide shows and much more… Now everyone in the room can enjoy what is on your screen. No special software or settings. The adapter automatically detects whatever is on the screen and broadcasts the audio and video to your HDMI device.

An educators friend if you ask me. Give presentations and demonstrations to your class at 1080p resolution and stereo sound.  This is a must have for the frequent presenter.
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