Apple IOS5 software update

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What are the IOS5 updates?

Apple released the 5th version of it's mobile operating system. The web has been ablaze with talk of the recent update. agrees with the latest enhancements. The latest update has been one of the most useful updates since we first picked up an iPad or iPhone. With over 200 new updates we have tried to create a list of the top ten most used features by our staff and readers. Click on the links below for more information and how to use and activate the new features:

  1. Activating the camera from the lock screen.
  2. Split keyboard for easier typing
  3. Notification center updates
  4. iMessage
  5. Newsstand
  6. Reminders
  7. PC Free updates
  8. Photos enhancements
  9. Calendar updates
  10. Wi-Fi Sync (what is it?)
*Bear with us as we update this section
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